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Jag xk120 updated to 2023

Recently acquired a 1950-1954 xk120. VIN plate is missing. Motor is a Ford 4cyl. Must have been swapped at some point in the past. So, I'm not destroying anything of historical significance by updating it to an electric car. The dashboard is going to be replaced with a laptop/tablet screen if I can find one that is water resistant. Might convert the car to front-wheel drive if I can find a donor, like a trashed Nissan Leaf. Wheels are tiny 13" four-lug things, can't find new tires for such a small rim and I want to install 5-lug brake hubs. So, between the huge amount of bodywork welding, almost the entire drive and suspension systems are going to be replaced. Lots of work to keep me busy for ages.

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Patrick Willcox
Patrick Willcox
29. Dez. 2023

Love it. Seems like a lot of body work before you get to the suspension and drive train. My dad brought a right-hand drive 1954 Jag over from South Africa when we moved to America. It disappeared and soon after he bought a house with his soon to be next wife.

Gefällt mir
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